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Penduline is an Egyptian brand that makes 100% natural products for kids' hair and skin of all ages. All of our products are free from any chemicals or preservatives so it so safe for your kids and it also provides many benefits for their skin and hair

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Penduline Hair Mask works mainly on hair moisturizing and used on weekly basis while Penduline hair creams are mainly styling & leave-in products can manage hair frizziness and give it the shiny look by using on daily basis.

Penduline hair oils are a hair treatment products So,it's better to be used as a oil bath not leave in to avoid any scalp's pores blocking.

As a 100% natural ingredients, penduline is safe for kids and adults

Generally, it is very important not to leave any creams nor oils directly on the scalp to avoid any scalp's spores blocking and so,many hair problems can be raised.

Of course, as Penduline Shampoo is free of sulfate and enriched with natural oils & hydrolyzed protein that can keep the normal level of protein for a long time.

You can chat with Penduline medical team or call the hot line 16659

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