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Children skin spots treatment

Does your son suffer from skin patches that look like burns? Do these spots appear from time to time without knowing the reason?! In this article, the Semak medical team provides you with everything you need to know about the causes of these spots and the best ways to treat them

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The 10 common diseases of newborns

The weak immunity of infants in their first year causes them to be exposed to many viral and bacterial diseases,

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The danger of using adult products for children

Choosing the right product for your child is one of the most important matters for the care and health of the child, especially since there are many skin care products for adults that may not be used by children because they contain dangerous substances and are not suitable for their skin. In the following lines, Semak doctors will present you with a group of adult products that children are prohibited from using. So, follow with interest.

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The causes of frizzy hair and how to treat it

There are many causes of hair frizz, due to the many factors affecting its condition, such as the health and nature of the hair, as well as humidity and dry climate. Since most of the hair is not naturally smooth, but wavy to different degrees, with the use of hair products suitable for its nature and that do not contain harmful substances, you can control the problem of hair frizz, which Semak doctors tell you about its causes and treatment in the coming lines.

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The postpartum depression

The process of childbirth (delivery) is a joyful and unforgettable experience. The physical and psychological effort that accompanies childbirth, or caesarean section, appears especially in the first days after childbirth. In addition to the feelings that accompany the birth itself, the mother may feel that her body is changing, that Her thoughts change and that her moods also change, a change that is reflected in crying, anxiety, excessive excitement and others. This is known as postpartum depression or "maternity blues". What is postpartum depression, what are its causes, duration and symptoms, and how do you get rid of it? .. All these questions will be answered by Simak doctors in the following lines.

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Disadvantages of straightening hair with protein

Women dream of silky hair free of waves and wrinkles, so most women resort to the magic wand, which is “protein straightening”, which is the fastest way to get the perfect result. Despite what has been proven about the individual’s protein damage, many women still believe that these damages are not serious, and therefore Semak’s doctors inform you on this subject about everything related to protein hair and its damage to hair, health and the body.

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The danger of your baby sleeping while breastfeeding

Despite the many benefits of breastfeeding for both the mother and the baby, it can present an inescapable risk if your baby is used to sleeping while feeding. In this article, Simac doctors will inform you about the danger of your child sleeping during breastfeeding, the reasons for the child to this habit, and how to help your child get rid of the habit of sleeping while breastfeeding.

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10 reasons why baby products are good for your beauty

Recently, the use of baby care products by adults has spread as being free of harmful substances, especially shampoo. But does your use of baby products give you the same results? Are there any harms to your use of these products? This is what Simac doctors will tell you in the following lines.

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Unscented baby wipes

Babies are our dearest, and every mother is keen to provide the utmost care for the newborn. Therefore, Semak doctors provide you with everything you need to know about the importance of using unscented baby wipes with a detailed explanation of the harms of using perfumes in everything that falls under the heading "Water wipes for children"

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Hair loss in children and its treatment

Before talking about the details of hair loss in children and its treatment, you should know that a normal person has approximately 100,000 hairs, most of which grow on the scalp continuously, Every hair in the scalp grows for a period ranging from 2 to 6 years, and then falls out to grow another hair from the same hair follicle. On the other hand, hair loss may be caused by one of the other factors, such as age, hormonal change in the body, some types of autoimmune diseases, in addition to genetic factors and others, and anyone may suffer from this problem. Hair is one of the elements of human beauty that he is keen on and taking care of, so parents are keen to take care of their children’s hair as part of their love and concern for them. their children in childhood. The loss occurs in many cases, but in most of these cases it is temporary and the child's hair quickly recovers in a short period of time.

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