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1 - Are there Penduline products specially dedicated for newborn?

Penduline products are completely safe to use from the first day and newborns have all the needs of your child, Akbar Ali: 1. Penduline Baby Bath, the first "Shampoo and Shower Gel 2 * 1", with the power of blue camuma, to calm the baby for a day that likes it and prepare it for a deep sleep at night. The continuation of the softness and shine of the hair and the preservation of the baby's skin is thin. 2. Penduline water wipes are the safest to clean without your child being afraid of diaper infections because they are very soft wipes that do not cause redness on the skin when rubbing with cleaning on 90% water, care for your child’s hygiene and natural bulbs such as glycerin, panolpine and aloe vera, and completely free of causes of skin irritation such as alcohol and brine. 3. Penduline baby body oil, which is the first oil composed of 8 natural oils of mineral oils such as paraffin, gives the baby hydration and protection from dryness and body, crowd area, massage it, relax, relax, relax, body and calm the baby because it contains chamomile. 4. Baby Body Lotion Provides superior hydration to the baby's body with a blend of natural skin moisturizers, Vitamin B3 and Panthenol 5. A baby body cologne that gives your baby a soothing, soft scent of alcohol that moisturizes their skin

2 - Why Penduline water wipes is not a traditional wipes?

1. Penduline Water Wipes contain 90% water so one water wipes from Penduline equals 3 traditional water wipes and that water content ensures cleaned and moisturized skin and no need for usage of huge number of traditional wipes. 2. Penduline water wipes are free from alcohol and fragrance that exist in traditional wipes and cause diaper rash. So, penduline diaper rash is the safest to clean the babies’ skin. 3. Penduline water wipes are very soft on the skin and do not cause skin redness and contain moisturizers like glycerin, Aleo Vera, calendula and vitamin E) to ensure deep moisturization and skin protection from dryness and inflammation. Thus, penduline water wipes is the safest choice to ensure the baby’s skin cleansing and protection

3 - Can Penduline hair products be useful for adults?

As a 100% natural ingredients, penduline is safe for kids and adults

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About Penduline

Penduline is an Egyptian brand belongs to Semak for Cosmetics launched in Egypt since 2015 with the vision of having a full portfolio of 100% natural kids care products to meet all kids’ needs and safe to be used starting from day one of birth. All Penduline products are free of chemicals or any ingredients like paraben, alcohol and sulfate that may harm kids’ skin or hair. So Penduline is the safest for the kids’ skin and hair.

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